Investigation and Conduct Procedures: eligibility check

• This checklist of eight questions has been designed to enable complainants to ascertain whether or not an alleged complaint meets the criteria for possible investigation.
• The responses collated are anonymous and will only be retained for monitoring purposes.
• Once you have completed the checklist, if your allegation meets the complaints criteria you will be directed to the online Referral form.
• Please do not complete the Referral form before completing the checklist.
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We cannot proceed any further; we can only deal with allegations about current CIOL members.
CIOL is unable to investigate allegations about members which occurred more than 12 months ago.
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CIOL will not investigate whether a member has committed a criminal offence. Such complaints should be made to the relevant authorities.
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CIOL cannot make determinations about allegations or professional negligence, contractual matters and matters that should be addressed through personal indemnity claims.
The details of the member's insurance are personal between the member and the insurer.
You should seek legal opinion and will need to address your claim directly with the member.
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Making a complaint against a CIOL member is not a substitute for legal action where appropriate.
We will not accept a complaint about matters which are within the jurisdiction of an employment tribunal or an employer's internal disciplinary procedures.
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The role of CIOL is to investigate, through its Investigation and Conduct Procedures, potential breaches of the CIOL Code of Professional Conduct and to take action if a breach is established.
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CIOL wishes to ensure that the Investigation and Conduct procedures are fair and transparent and reasonable to all parties involved. We are unable to investigate anonymous complaints.

If you wish to raise an alleged breach of the CIOL Code of Professional Conduct you must complete the online Referral Form.
You must explain how you believe the member has breached the Code and you must:

(a) Complete the Referral Form in full
(b) Include the evidence you have to support your allegation
(c) Clearly state which part(s) of the Code you believe has/have been breached
(d) Provide your full name and contact details

Click submit below to access the online Referral Form.

CIOL is unable to investigate allegations where no evidence can be supplied. CIOL will not investigate allegations based on hearsay.