Member check


This search facility has been designed for users (e.g. agencies, direct clients, organisations) of CIOL members to verify the credentials of any individual member.

The system only shows members whose membership is "Current", e.g. fully paid-up and with no ongoing disciplinary action. It does not show lapsed or resigned members. 
• Members with multiple entries have memberships at different grades for different languages. 
• It is not necessary to complete more than one field.
"CIOL number" is our new, combined membership/chartership number. All members have a CIOL number.


Please ensure you spell the member’s name correctly.

You don’t need to add diacritics to search accurately (e.g. entering “Muller” will find “Müller”).

A member’s CIOL number is five digits long.

All members have a CIOL number.

Name Designatory letters CIOL number Chartered? Membership grade Profile link
Ms Rebecca Pedrick-Case 49975 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Isabel FERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ 49976 IoLET Affiliate View
Dr Dominika Regentova 49977 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Vicky Barreno 49979 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Maria PENALUNA 49980 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Alex SIMPSON 49981 Student Affiliate View
Mr Cyril Dingomé 49985 IoLET Affiliate View
Dr Tatiana Bogdanova 49988 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Gabriele Andrei 49992 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Clara BADU AMOAH 49993 IoLET Affiliate View