Find-a-Linguist - Mrs Gabriela BOCANETE-LETCHFORD

City: Rickmansworth
Country: United Kingdom
Native language(s): ROMANIAN
Language(s) of qualification: ENGLISH, SPANISH
CIOL number: 27602
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 023271
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Chartered?: Yes
Chartered Linguist section(s): CL (Interpreter), CL (Education)
Chartered Linguist number: 27602
Telephone number: +44(0)7943 837 757
Banking and Finance: Finance, Economics
Business: Contracts, Health and Safety, Industrial Relations
Environment: Biodiversity, Conservation and Protection, Town Planning
EU Matters: General and Political, Human Rights
Humanities: Education and Training, Linguistics, Psychology
Military: Defence, Security
Oil and Gas: Oil, Gas
Politics: Human Rights, International Development, International Politics
Other Skills: Editing, Proofreading, Voice-overs
Statement: Experienced and supportive interpreter trainer, Qualified Business Coach and Consultant, Yoga Teacher specialised in Corporate Yoga and Stress Management for Linguists I enjoy delivering CPD workshops, such as Breathe and Change Your Life, taught at the FIT World Congress 2014. Other topics include public speaking, nutrition for optimal brain/voice performance, proper posture, ergonomics. My company Mangostino Yoga organises cultural yoga retreats in stunning locations. Member of the Interpreting Division Management Committee, playing a strategic role in the choice of events organised every year.