Member check


This search facility has been designed for users (e.g. agencies, direct clients, organisations) of CIOL members to verify the credentials of any individual member, including Chartered Linguists.

The system only shows members whose membership is "Current", i.e. fully paid-up and with no ongoing disciplinary action. It does not show lapsed or resigned members. 
• Members with multiple entries have memberships at different grades for different languages. 
• Honorary Members (HonMCIL) and Honorary Fellows (HonFCIL) are not listed.
• It is not necessary to complete more than one field.
"CIOL number" is the new, combined membership/Chartered Linguist number, which came into force on 1 September 2016. All members have a CIOL number. Old-style numbers are not searchable but are shown on members' records if they had one.
• If you cannot find who you are looking for and wish to double-check, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7940 3100 (ext. 2) or email the membership team.


Please ensure you spell the member’s name correctly.

You don’t need to add diacritics to search accurately (e.g. entering “Muller” will find “Müller”).

A member’s CIOL number is five digits long.

All members have a CIOL number.

Name Designatory letters CIOL number Chartered? Membership grade Profile link
Miss jiayi mu 57783 Student Affiliate View
Miss Abigail HARBY 57787 Student Affiliate View
Miss Izabella Kuna 57790 Student Affiliate View
Mr Patrick Clyde 57792 Student Affiliate View
Ms Tania LINES 57804 Student Affiliate View
Mr Matthew Muir 57814 Student Affiliate View
Mr Luis CARDELLICCHIO 57817 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Mafalda Pereira 57819 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs ANCA POPA 57822 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Oliver Henri Joe Beal


57828 Associate View
Miss Antoniya Semizova


57829 Member View
Ms Yuri Ogino 57830 Student Affiliate View
Mr Peter DALTON 57838 IoLET Affiliate View
Dr Carla Irving 57852 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Marta DUDA 57853 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Christopher Ellison 57856 Student Affiliate View
Mrs LAMIA ADENANE 57858 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Mansour Ramadan Idris 57875 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Marlene SROUR 57876 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Katarzyna Sadaj 57888 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Almaz Askar 57890 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Irina Medvedeva 57891 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Diana Meléndez 57895 Student Affiliate View
Miss Justyna BORKOWSKA 57900 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Filip Kostanecki 57904 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Agnes SZUCS 57906 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Yaqob Salem


57913 Member View
Mrs Chona Mader 57922 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Sontaya Reading 57923 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Arezou Khoshbaten 57925 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Rukiye ATAK 57926 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Piyawan Mannion 57938 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Jamie Biggs 57940 Student Affiliate View
Miss Anna LE BARS 57941 Student Affiliate View
Ms Evelyn Barrett 57951 Student Affiliate View
Ms Dora Bidjimi 57953 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Sabine Centofanti 57971 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Claudia Wiesinger 57977 Student Affiliate View
Ms Lifang Dong 57979 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Tatiana Yakovleva 57985 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Alexandre MARION 57995 Student Affiliate View
Miss Summer Sanders


57999 Associate View
Mr Ahmad MUSTAFA 58003 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Martina Daubnerova 58005 Student Affiliate View
Mr Waleed Al-Rwaishan 58009 Student Affiliate View
Miss Alice CONTE 58013 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Ayesha Sulman Ahmed 58018 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Maraike Thimm 58034 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Lu Shan 58036 Student Affiliate View
Ms Nadia BOUHLAOUI 58041 IoLET Affiliate View