Find-a-Linguist - Mr Saleh AL-SAEGH

Name: Mr Saleh AL-SAEGH MCIL
City: Sheffield
Country: United Kingdom
Native language(s): ARABIC
Language(s) of qualification: ENGLISH
CIOL number: 30343
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 023322
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +44(0)7742 605 192
Conference interpreting: Consecutive interpreting, Simultaneous interpreting
Business interpreting: Consecutive interpreting, Private health interpreting, Specialist legal interpreting, Specialist medical interpreting, Whispered (simultaneous) interpreting
Public Service Interpreting: Criminal Justice System interpreting (CJS), Local government interpreting, Medical interpreting
Banking and Finance: Banking, Finance, Economics
Business: Contracts, General Business Documentation, Management
EU Matters: General and Political, Law and Justice, Human Rights
Humanities: Education and Training, Linguistics, Religion
Law: Contracts, Criminal, International
Military: Defence, Security
Politics: Human Rights, International Politics, Local Government
Statement: Linguistics Specialist (Arabic dialects Analyst and Text Analyst); Arabic Cultural Consultant; Arabic Language Consultant; Cultural Briefing Consultant; Religious and political extremism advisor and Islamic sectarian conflict advisor I have been mainly working UK Police forces, Magistrates Courts; Crown Courts; County Courts; Probation Services; immigration, Tribunals and as an Arabic Conference interpreter and translator for some EU Member States 01.02.2012 to date: DPSI Examiner, Marker and Re-marker for the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) Educational Trust. I have published a book to help in learning the English language for the Arabic speakers-published in Libya along with audio tapes in 1998.