Institute of Tourist Guiding Language Exam Registration

CIOL Qualifications conducts language examinations for Institute of Tourist Guiding (ITG) qualifications. If you are enrolled on an ITG Tourist Guiding course or are already qualified, please use this form to register for the annual language exam. The exam fee is £350.00 per language. Please click the Paypal button on the page you will see upon form submission to pay the exam fee by debit or credit card.

Download the 2019 Handbook for Candidates.

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By completing and submitting this form and paying the appropriate examination fee, the candidate is agreeing to abide by the regulations governing such candidates which are contained in the "Candidate Regulations".

Please fill in your name as an electronic signature to confirm your agreement.

We will store the information you have provided and use it to plan and conduct the exam, and to issue results and certificates. We will retain the information for quality assurance and statistical purposes. We will share the information with the Institute of Tourist Guiding to verify your eligibility for the exam and to provide results information. For any questions or for any further information please write to: IoL Educational Trust, 7th Floor, 167 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2EA, or use our contact form on this website.