Information for CIOL Qualifications Centres

Information for and about CIOL Qualifications Centres
A CIOL Qualifications (CIOLQ) Centre is a school, college, university or training provider that is approved to register candidates for CIOLQ exams and for the conduct of those exams. All centres are approved by CIOL Qualifications and all organisations wishing to conduct exams must apply to become a CIOL Qualifications Approved Centre. This status is only granted to organisations that have the capacity and capability to comply with our regulations, therefore rights to conduct CIOL Qualifications exams cannot be achieved without applying for this process.


How to become an Approved Centre

  1. Our Business Development Manager will provide email, telephone and/or face-to-face approval guidance to support potential centres through the application process.
  2. Complete the PDF icon Centre Registration Form and send it to:
  3. CIOLQ will acknowledge receipt of a fully completed registration form within two working days.
  4. CIOLQ will perform a qualitative check before passing the approval to the appropriate representative to carry out a centre visit.
  5. A centre visit will be arranged within a month for UK mainland centres. The visit will assess the suitability of your centre to conduct our exams and provide you with support for areas requiring further development. The findings of the visit will be provided in a written report, along with a final outcome as to whether full CIOL Qualifications Approved Centre status can be granted.
  6. If approval is granted and upon receipt of a signed Centre Operating Agreement and the relevant centre fee, we will send you a welcome pack by email with your allocated centre number and any additional information within five working days.
  7. Your status will remain valid for one year, subject to CIOLQ satisfaction that standards are being maintained. We will ask you to reregister once a year, assuming you wish to continue offering the same CIOLQ exam(s).

Benefits of becoming an Approved Centre

Acquiring the status of a CIOL Qualifications Approved Centre provides many benefits, including:

  • A certificate of recognition and access to an official logo for use in promotional materials
  • A welcome pack containing information to help with the conduct of CIOLQ exams
  • Access to a portfolio of recognised and regulated qualifications
  • Access to a range of teaching and learning tools
  • Biannual centre visits to support further development (UK Mainland centres only)
  • Quality assured qualifications to provide your learners with the best possible experience.


The centre annual registration fees can be seen below:

  • UK Centres: £350.00
  • Overseas Centres: £300.00