Event report - 'Social Media for Linguists' and ‘Translation in occupied Germany, 1945–1949’ event in Stirling

Continued Professional Development or CPD is an important part of our activities as linguists and can take many forms such as attending events, maintaining current skills, learning new skills or networking with fellow linguists. So it was a delight to travel to the historic city of Stirling on Saturday 29 September to meet up with Scottish Society members at Stirling University to enjoy a full day of CPD activities. We were also pleased to welcome Jane Galbraith, CIOL’s Head of Membership to Stirling

Our morning session was hosted by professional marketeer and linguist Alba Sort who discussed the topic ‘Social Media for Linguists’. While most of the forty-two delegates in the audience were familiar with a variety of social media platforms, the presentation guided us through a series of exercises to help us identify which social media channels best suit our needs; analyse why we are using these platforms; define objectives and systematically plan the type of content we want to share on social media. Alba’s enthusiasm for the topic is contagious and the clear message was that social media is a linguist’s tool and like any other tool it takes some time to learn how to use it in the most effective way possible. Taking part in such a practical session really helped build confidence around creating an effective plan for using social media.

At lunch-time we wandered up to the Stirling Court Hotel, a lovely venue which forms part of the university campus, where over forty of us met for a networking lunch. The dining room was nice and noisy as people made new friends and chatted with old acquaintances over lunch. It was very satisfying to see lots of new faces, many of whom were students from Stirling, Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University as they mixed with long-established members of the Scottish Society.

After lunch we all reconvened and listened to Jane Galbraith as she shared some information about ‘CIOL Mentoring’, a new platform which allows new and inexperienced linguists to team up with a more experienced linguists for mentoring and support. Jane explained that experienced linguists can also develop their own skills by acting as a mentor and encouraged all in attendance to think about enrolling in the programme. You can learn more about CIOL Mentoring at https://mentoring.ciol.org.uk/.

We then enjoyed the second CPD presentation of the day by Dr Anne Stokes MCIL who discussed ‘Translation in occupied Germany, 1945-49’. Anne guided us through some of the developments that took place in Germany during this period as all four occupying nations used books and translated works to try and re-educate segments of society that were seen as thought-leaders away from the values of National Socialism. Dr Stokes’ presentation was based on some very new research she is conducting into the topic and CIOL members will be able to learn more about this in a future article in The Linguist magazine.

At the end of the day a few of us returned to the Stirling Court Hotel for some light refreshments and a final opportunity to chat with friends before heading home. It’s always stimulating and uplifting to meet friends and colleagues face-to-face, a reminder that we are part of a thriving language community. Our event tied in with International Translation Day and it was a great success, so a big thank you to the Scottish Society Committee for organising the day. If you missed the Stirling event, why not come along to our upcoming presentation in Glasgow on 17 November 2018?  We look forward to seeing you!