DipTrans British Council

In order to register with a British Council Office certain requirements will need to be met. Applications will only be processed if all the relevant information is enclosed together with the application at the time of registration. Please attach a confirmation letter to the Examination Entry Form from the British Council confirming that they are willing and able to accommodate you for examination purposes. A contact name and email address must also be provided for all correspondence.

Candidates must inform the local British Council Office of the exact date on which the examination will take place to ensure that this does not coincide with a public holiday.

Please provide the British Council with all necessary contact details (name, address, telephone and mobile numbers). If you do not provide this information the British Council will not be able to contact you with your admission details and any other relevant information nearer the time of the examination.

Examination specific information (e.g. time and place) will be sent out to candidates directly by the British Council office concerned and not the IoLET.

All Candidates using British Council facilities are required to pay any local charges incurred.

For up to date information on the location of your nearest British Council Office and contact information please look at the website: www.britishcouncil.org/organisation/our-global-network