Council nominations

The call for nominations to Council (2020) is now open

At the Annual General Meeting of CIOL, to be held on Saturday 7 March 2020, the following members will be stepping down from Council, CIOL’s governing body:

  • Carina Balbo 
  • Alistair Bell                      
  • Rosa-Maria Cives Enriquez                
  • James Farmer
  • Judith Gabler
  • Jaquelina Guardamagna                           

Five are eligible for re-election having just completed their first term of office. James Farmer is retiring, having completed his second term of office. So there are six vacancies to be filled.

    We are seeking nominations from Associates, Members and Fellows who wish to join Council to fill the six vacant places. All nominations must be supported by two members who must also be in the grade of Associate member or higher. Members of Council who are standing down and are seeking re-election for a further term of office (if eligible) must also be nominated in the same way as other candidates.

    To stand for election, please complete the online nomination form and submit it no later than 5.00pm GMT on Friday 13 December 2019. (Hard copy nomination forms are available on request via


    If more nominations are received than places available, CIOL will hold a competitive election.

    Before completing the form, members and supporters are advised to read the guidance notes for candidates

    We have also produced some FAQs. If you have a question, which is not covered by the FAQs, please email the Head of Membership, Rob Beswick:   

    As an equal-opportunities organisation, CIOL welcomes nominations from the widest possible range of Associates, Members and Fellows. A final word from Eneida Garcia Villanueva, MCIL Chartered Linguist, who was elected to Council in March 2018: "I am delighted that I am able to make a contribution to driving forward CIOL’s agenda, working towards ensuring the language professions receive the status and recognition they deserve. My role as a Council member has given me a platform to support language stakeholders, both in Scotland and the wider UK. Over the last few months, I have been working in a number of areas – from highlighting the benefits that chartership brings both to individual linguists and of course to the professions, through to promoting the Higher Education Language Partnership Scheme. The Scheme constitutes the first step for young linguists to reach professional status and provides the pathway to becoming chartered. Further to embracing and promoting CIOL’s values, vision and global strategy, for me, being on Council is synonymous with raising awareness, supporting development and more broadly working to advance the language professions. It has been a brilliant first year!".


    Who can stand for Council?

    At present Associates, Members and Fellows (defined as Voting Members in the Rules) are eligible to stand for Council.

    Can I nominate myself?

    Yes, but your nomination must be supported by two voting members i.e. members in the grade of Associate or higher.

    I wish to nominate someone, how do I do this?

    You should speak to the member concerned to ensure they wish to be nominated. The member will then need to obtain a second supporter in order to stand for election. Once two members are willing to support the nomination, the member standing for Council will need to complete and submit the nomination form.

    Can Honorary Members and Honorary Fellows stand for election?

    No, only voting members can stand for election, i.e. members in the grade of Associate or higher.

    Can Honorary Members and Honorary Fellows nominate or support a nomination?

    No, only voting members can nominate or support a nomination i.e. members in the grade of Associate or higher.

    There will be six spaces available on Council this year; what happens if fewer than six nominations are received?

    The members nominated will be automatically elected to Council at the AGM to be held on Saturday 7 March 2020.

    What happens if more than six nominations are received?

    CIOL will run a competitive online election. All voting members will be invited to vote, voting will open on Friday 17 January 2020 and will close on Friday 17 February 2020.

    I would like to stand for election but would prefer to submit a paper nomination form, is this OK?

    Yes; please request a form by emailing Please note that you should send your completed nomination form to the appointed scrutineers by special or recorded delivery. CIOL cannot be held responsible for nomination forms which do not reach the scrutineers or are received after the closing date.

    Who are the scrutineers?

    CIOL Council re-appointed Electoral Reform Services Ltd. to be the independent scrutineers for the Council Elections 2020.

    Where do I send my completed nomination form?

    If you complete the online nomination form, your nomination will automatically be sent to the scrutineers. You will receive an email confirming safe receipt of the nomination form.

    If you have requested a paper form, this should be sent by recorded or special delivery to the following address:

    Electoral Reform Services
    The Election Centre
    33 Clarendon Road
    London N8 0NW
    United Kingdom

    If you are posting your nomination form, please allow plenty of time as we have had incidences in the past where forms have not reached the scrutineers or have arrived after the closing date.

    When is the closing date for the receipt of nominations?

    All nomination forms, sent electronically or by post, must be with the scrutineers by 5:00pm GMT on Friday 13 December 2019. Nominations received after this date/time will not be accepted.

    Once I have submitted my nomination what next?

    Once the deadline for the receipt of nominations has passed, CIOL's Head of Membership (or nominated representative) will let you know how many nominations have been received and whether or not a competitive election is required.

    If an election is required, you will be asked to submit a Candidate Statement (mandatory) and a photograph (optional) by Friday 20 December 2019. Your photograph (if provided) and statement will be shared with the voting members as part of the election process.

    If there is an election, can I canvas support?

    Yes, the more members who vote the better! CIOL will be regularly reminding members to cast their vote and will remind members of the closing date. CIOL will also provide you with guidance on what is and is not permitted when canvassing.

    If there is an election, when will I know the results?

    The results will be announced at CIOL's Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday 7 March 2020, at BMA House, London.