Copyright and Data protection


IoLET retains the copyright on all its publications. Approved exam centres are permitted to copy material for internal use, as long as it is attributed and with the following important exception: IoLET cannot give permission to reproduce any material that is acknowledged to a third party.


CIOL Qualifications organises thousands of exams every year of which the vast majority proceed smoothly.  However, there are occasionally candidates who suffer unforeseen problems such as an assessor (Interlocutor, Oral Examiner, Proof reader, Setter, Tape sampler, Written marker) falling ill or scripts being lost in the post. In such circumstances, CIOL Qualifications always does its best to rectify the problem where possible but cannot accept liability for inclement weather, transport difficulties etc. CIOL Qualifications's liability in all circumstances is limited to a full refund of the exam fee paid for the exam concerned. CIOL Qualifications reserves the right not to assist a candidate’s claim against third parties in the event of a candidate suffering loss (financial or otherwise) associated with the exam.

Data protection

CIOL Qualifications aims to comply with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and to safeguard a Candidate’s personal information.

Telephone calls to the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ offices may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.


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