The benefits of a multilingual education

According to The World Economic Forum, multilingualism and linguistic diversity boost economic growth.

Enriching linguistic capital through education, supports well-known cognitive benefits linked to higher levels of employability, such as focus, strong memory, problem-solving, decision making and creativity – all highly valued skills.

The CIOL Education Society aims to unite linguists at various stages of their education and career, from school leavers, students, teachers, tutors, academics and established professionals continuing to perfect fluency and keen to acquire new languages. Additionally, the society intends to expose current members and those considering joining the CIOL to new ways of learning languages, demonstrating how new and established research can enhance teaching and learning.

Discussions, workshops, speaker testimonies and language boosting internships will inspire confidence, independent language learning, growth mindset, cultural awareness and a celebration of languages and cultures. The annual European Day of Languages on the 26th September, highlights the importance of language learning for a more connected global community. CIOL Education Society events will discuss cultural differences and analyse diverse topics, such as exploring expectation vs reality, thus broadening international perspectives for effective workplace relations. Event participants will be encouraged to conduct discussions/debates/workshops in the target language, to further enhance confidence in bilingual and multilingual communication, reinforcing a strong international community, whilst sharing experiences that could help others.

Joining the CIOL Education Society events will provide networking and learning opportunities in a variety of languages using both personal and professional scenarios to optimise future prospects.

3 key take-aways:

  • Discover practical routes to fluency
  • Speaker tips and testimonies
  • What to expect from the CIOL Education Society
September 21st, 2021 7:00 PM   to   8:00 PM
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