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The influence of linguists on world affairs and international relations

An online event with the CIOL Education Society.

Good rhetoric: "the art of influencing the soul through words" (Plato 48).

Plato defined rhetoric as a persuasive tactic used to convey logic and reason from one man to another, or to a group of peoples via ethos, logos and pathos – modes of persuasion first defined by Aristotle.

The art of successful argument has been around for centuries, for both educational and recreational purposes, centred around content, style and strategy From Ancient Greece to the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century, public speaking has influenced world affairs and international relations.

In modern society, debating often causes great trepidation in even the most confident professionals hoping to optimise negotiations. The ability to swiftly analyse information to support a particular viewpoint relies heavily on competent linguistic skill, factual accuracy, logical consistency when stating opinions, as well as choice of vocabulary that will have emotional impact.

The key to skilled debating in different languages, lies in a tolerant and culturally sensitive approach to the debate in question, arguing a point using appropriate tone, and familiar vocabulary.

We look forward to welcoming you to our multilingual debate in French, Spanish and German, on the influence of linguists on world affairs and international relations.

3 key take-aways:

• Learn about key debating techniques to maximise impact.

• Understand the importance of cultural contexts and appropriate tone when stating opinions.

• Apply familiar vocabulary, factual accuracy and logic to persuade an audience.



Maria-Elena Metaxas

Elizabeth Beevers

Tia Smith

Georgina Metaxas


7.30pm - Welcome

7.35pm - Main talk

8:15pm - Q&A session



October 6th, 2022 7:30 PM   to   8:30 PM
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