CIOL Lincolnshire Society AGM 2018 – Chairman’s report

Thank you all for coming to the AGM, on our very special twentieth anniversary. We are delighted that Ann Carlisle, the Chief Executive of CIOL, has joined us to celebrate our 20 years of existence as a Society. Ann will propose a toast and give us an update on the Institute.
We are very pleased to have with us today Stephen Eden, formerly Head of Publicity and Membership of the Institute of Linguists, who attended the Inaugural Meeting of the Lincolnshire Society on 22 June 1998 and Dr Gershom Knight, who was Chairman of the first Lincolnshire and Humberside Regional Society, which ran from 1988 until 1991.

We are also delighted to welcome our speaker, Frances Parkes, who has been a voice coach for 15 years.  The title of her talk will be ‘Max Your Voice’. We greatly look forward to hearing her speak later.

There have been many changes to the way we operate as a Society in the past twelve months. New financial, promotion and marketing processes were introduced, with greater control being taken by Head Office; data about Society members has been transferred to Head Office in preparation for the new General Data Protection Regulations. I hope you like the improved way our meetings are advertised and the new booking system through Eventbrite. Another recent change is that our events will no longer be listed in The Linguist, but only online in future. It was therefore a particular pleasure to be invited to write an article about the history of the Lincolnshire Society over the last twenty year and I am grateful to the Editor of The Linguist, Miranda Moore, for giving me that opportunity.

We should like to thank the Chief Executive and the staff of CIOL very sincerely for our grant, without which we could not exist, and for their huge support and patience throughout the year. I must make especial mention of Jane Galbraith, Head of Membership, and Jack Sellen, Systems Development Manager, who have worked so hard to lead us into the new system and website arrangements. 

Today, Lady Brigitte Peach is stepping down from her post as Secretary, as she is moving to Brussels in June. Brigitte became our Secretary in 2001 and has supported us staunchly ever since. We are hugely grateful to her for that support and for her friendship; we shall miss her enormously, and wish she and Sir Stuart every happiness in their new life. My thanks also go to our Treasurer, Adam Ramsey, (who is at present Chairman of the Chartered Linguist Registration Board) and our Committee Members, Madeleine Cox, Helen Burlefinger and Kasia Cox for their continued help and support during the past year.
I should like to thank Valerie Hope and the staff of the Wig & Mitre for hosting our events over the years, for the delicious food, and for their kindness and flexibility in accommodating our needs and looking after us so well.
At our AGM and networking luncheon on 6 May last year, we were very pleased to welcome Dr Martyn Bond, a Vice-President of CIOL, whose talk was entitled ‘Brexit in other languages’. In his talk, Dr Bond described how foreigners living in this country have reacted to Brexit, how it may affect their future and status, as well as that of the EU in the long term. He also talked about the level of interest British people have for learning a foreign language and gave us the figures for their professed ability to hold a conversation in one, two or three foreign languages. There followed a question and answer session, with discussion.

On Saturday 18 November 2017, members of the Lincolnshire Society and guests enjoyed a delicious lunch combined with a fascinating and well-prepared talk by Dr. John Whittaker about Theatre Translation. Everyone was presented with a copy of the main text of his talk. John gave a brief introduction to the particular procedures involved in translation for the stage, followed by four case studies, beginning with a Lincolnshire translator. Although it has long been standard practice for theatre translations to be produced by a 'dramaturge' working from a 'literal', John's focus was on translators working directly from the source. He emphasised that the objectives of the stage translator are to render the sense of the original play and to 'domesticate' the play to the sensibility of the target audience. John entertained the audience with his descriptions of the translators and his impressions of the different characters; we were most grateful to him for his talk.

On 3 February, we held an enjoyable Networking Lunch, which was well supported, and produced interesting discussions.

After the celebrations here today, I have arranged a tour of the Cathedral for anyone who is interested, and after that there is the option to attend Evensong.

You may like to have details of our future events. On Saturday 24 November 2018 we shall have a talk on Translation by Caroline Beaumont, an experienced translator. Next year, on 2 February, Jane Galbraith, Head of Membership CIOL, will talk to us on the subject of ‘CIOL Mentoring - How to Get Involved’. Both events are here at the Wig & Mitre (12-4 p.m.) with a Networking Lunch.

We look forward to seeing you at future events. Please let us know of any topics that you would like us to add to the agenda.

Thank you again for coming today and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the special celebrations.

Candia Hillier Dip Trans MCIL