DipTrans centres & courses

Centres register and sign a Centre Agreement with CIOL Qualifications on an annual basis. The agreement outlines and confirms acceptance of the General Conditions of Recognition issued by Ofqual June 2016 by both parties. Preparation course providers are independent and CIOL Qualifications does not endorse, recommend or monitor preparation courses listed.

If you wish to register for an exam without attending a preparation course, it is possible to sit the exam at the British Council or a centre which accepts external candidates. Candidates must contact the centre to confirm availability of space, facilities and to request confirmation of arrangements. Alternatively, you can sit the exam at the IoLET Open Centre, London.

Contact us via info.diptrans@ciol.org.uk or +44 (0) 20 7940 3127.

Organisation name Address Country(desc) Website, email, phone, contact name Offers course? Offers distance course? Offers exam centre? Offers IT facilities?
International House, London Institute Avenida Brasil 2831


00 5982 709 6774

Rosarin Estrada

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