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Candidate Regulations

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Before the examination

Examination completion timeframe

For all exam sessions which take place after 01 February 2021, candidates have a three year timeframe to complete all parts of an examination. The three year full examination completion period applies from the first year that a candidate receives a unit certificate. Therefore, once a candidate has received a 'pass' in any part of an examination, they have two more years to successfully complete all outstanding parts of the examination.

Candidates who registered and passed a unit of the qualification between 2017 and 2020 continue to have the previous timescale of five years in which to complete the full qualification.

CIOL Qualifications does not guarantee that a specific examination will be set each year and candidates are urged to check exam availability with the Client Services Team before embarking on a course of study extending over several years. If CIOL Qualifications is unable to provide a required re-sit examination during the three or five year completion period (whichever is applicable), the timeframe will be extended until the first available session.

Candidate details

Candidates are responsible for ensuring that all information on the exam entry form is correct.  Examination results and certificates will only be issued in the name stated on the entry form. The Client Services Team and local examination centre must both be notified, in writing, of any change of address or other contact details at the first available opportunity prior to results or certificates being released.

Small entry language combinations

There must be a minimum number of candidates registered for an examination to run. Should this minimum number not be reached by the end of the registration period, CIOL Qualifications will inform candidates who are registered and have paid fees of the options available to them, which may include the option of paying a supplementary fee for the exam to be set.

Candidates registering for the examination in a small entry language may need to travel to a different Examination Centre or London to take the examination; such candidates will receive a transfer notification well in advance of the date of the examination.

Should an assessor be unable to attend an examination centre, due to extraordinary circumstances, candidates may be required to travel to alternative examination centres or London at short notice. In such situations, CIOL Qualifications will ensure that candidates are inconvenienced as little as possible. The candidate will be liable for all additional costs such as travel.

Preparation and support

Candidates are strongly advised to obtain copies of the relevant examination handbook, examiners' reports and documents with links to source texts from our website. We are not able to provide past papers for the Diploma in Translation due to copyright issues.