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After the examination


Result registers are sent in the first instance to Examination Centres. Individual candidate results for examinations are normally issued twelve weeks after the last examination in the session, fourteen weeks in the case of the Diploma in Translation. Whilst we do all that we can to ensure that results are issued within published timescales, occasionally dispatch may be delayed for reasons beyond our control. Any delay will be announced in the ‘Latest News’ section of our website.

Whilst individual unit results within an examination may be graded as Fail, Pass, Merit or Distinction, the final overall result of an examination will only be shown as Fail or Pass. Results are only issued by letter. In no circumstances will candidate results be given by telephone, fax, email or to personal callers, and results cannot be issued to a third party. CIOL Qualifications cannot discuss results with either candidates themselves or a third party.

Full/unit certificates

Certificates for completion of the full qualification and unit certificates are dispatched to Examination Centres within two months of results being issued. IoLET Open Centre and all DipTrans examination candidates receive the full/unit certificates directly to their home address as shown on the submitted examination entry card no later than five working days after the published date of issue. CIOL Qualifications cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery by the postal authorities of result letters or certificates. Candidates must allow for postal delays in receiving their certificates.

The candidate’s name will appear on the certificate as it was written on the examination entry card when the candidate first registered for the qualification. If a name change is subsequently made following a deed poll application, marriage or divorce, candidates are advised to submit official documents in support of examination results and certificates issued by CIOL Qualifications. CIOL Qualifications does not reissue examination results and certificates under a different name. Mistakes must be brought to the attention of CIOL Qualifications within six months of issue of certificates.

Duplicate certificates

Duplicate full/unit certificates can be issued at a charge of £30 per certificate. All such certificates will be marked “duplicate”. Candidates who do not receive their original certificate because they have not informed CIOL Qualifications in writing of a change of address will be charged a duplicate certificate fee for the issuing of a replacement certificate.


Candidates may obtain a transcript of their results, upon application to the Quality Assurance Manager, and payment of a fee of £25 per transcript. A transcript consists of a confirmation of candidate results together with information on the structure and composition of the examination. It does not give an evaluation of the candidate’s performance.

In order to commission a transcript the following information must be supplied:

  • name of examination
  • year/session sat
  • language/s
  • Examination Centre name
  • candidate number (if known)
  • candidate name (if different to current name)


Where applicable, candidates will be issued with information on how to upgrade their membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) when they receive their examination results. Further information is available from the Membership team on +44 (0)20 7940 3100.


CIOL holds an annual awards ceremony and awards a number of cups and trophies to individual candidates and to group entries for the best performance in an examination.