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Candidate Regulations

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Before the examination

How to register

The examination dates are published on our website approximately twelve months prior to each examination. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the correct date of the examination prior to registration and that they are able to attend all relevant examination sessions. CIOL Qualifications does not accept responsibility for any timetable clashes.

To register, candidates must complete an Exam Entry Form which can be downloaded from

Candidates applying to sit at the CIOLQ Open Centre in London submit their forms directly to CIOL Qualifications using the email addresses provided on the form. 

Candidates applying to sit at other UK or Overseas Examination Centres submit their forms directly to their Examination Centre. 

Separate entry forms must be completed for multiple registrations. A candidate is only fully registered when the exam fee has been received and payment has cleared.

Please refer to our website for specific closing dates for each qualification. CIOL Qualifications is not obliged to accept late entries but may do so at their discretion.

Candidates are advised that individual Examination Centres may impose earlier deadlines.

Examination centres

It is the responsibility of individual candidates to locate courses and examination centres for the examinations, as CIOL Qualifications can only supply limited information. Candidates will find centre and course listings on our website.

Examination centres – oral units

Candidates are advised that, if it is not possible to locate a complete team of assessors for a particular language/pathway to conduct the examination in the examination centre/area where they have registered, candidates will be automatically transferred to the CIOLQ Open Centre or the most suitable examination centre available. This may mean travelling a significant distance to another area. Candidates will be required to cover all additional travel/accommodation costs.

Once registered, candidates are unable to change their choice of examination centre.