Candidate Regulations – Phones, Conditions, Distruptions, Children

Candidate Regulations

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During the examination

Mobile phones

Any candidate found using a mobile phone during the examination will be immediately disqualified. The use of mobile phones in the examination is strictly prohibited and all phones must be switched off before entering the examination centre.

Examination Conditions

CIOL Qualifications makes every effort to ensure that candidates are able to work in good conditions. Any disruption to examination conditions must be brought to the attention of the examinations officer/chief invigilator at the time of the examination and be reported in writing to CIOL Qualifications (see Complaints procedure).

Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination room during the first and final fifteen minutes of a written examination.

Disruptions – fire alarm activation

If a fire alarm is activated the examination officer in charge will inform candidates if any action is to be taken. In all cases Health and Safety Regulations will apply and instruction will be taken from the Health and Safety officer in charge.

False fire alarm activation

If the examination officer is informed by the Health and Safety officer that the alarm was falsely activated and there is no danger to candidates, this information will be conveyed to candidates as soon as possible and the examination will continue. The examination officer will have made a note of at what time and for how long the examination was interrupted. After consultation with the Head of Qualifications a decision will be made as to how much extra time the candidates will be awarded following the disruption. The examination officer will submit a full detailed report of the incident to the CIOL Qualifications examination manager concerned. Candidates will then be notified in writing of any further action which CIOL Qualifications may decide to take.

Fire alarm activation requiring evacuation of examination centre

If the examination officer is informed by the Health and Safety officer that the examination venue must be evacuated, candidates will be asked to leave the examination centre immediately, leaving behind all examination materials. In the event of evacuation candidates will be required to follow instructions issued by the Health and Safety officer responsible for the venue. Candidates will only be permitted to re enter the examination centre once the Health and Safety officer is satisfied that it is safe to do so. CIOL Qualifications recommends that in all cases every effort is made to resume and complete the examination. This decision will be made by the examination officer. In making the decision consideration will be given to time elapsed, safety and time needed to complete the examination unit.

Other disruptions

Building type noise close to the venue


Clock not working

Non-stop flashing lights inside the venue

What will CIOL Qualifications do?

Special consideration will be applied in all cases of candidates being disadvantaged due to adverse circumstances at the time of the examination. Special consideration in case of disruption to the examination includes:

  • Informing markers of the adverse circumstances experienced by candidates during the examination;
  • Moderation of all results. (Check that markers are assessing consistently at the right level). A chief moderator will consider candidate results on an individual basis and adjust them accordingly.

Adverse effect

An act, omission, event, incident, or circumstance has an adverse effect if it:

  • gives rise to prejudice to learners or potential learners, or
  • adversely affects:
    1. the ability of the awarding organisation to undertake the development, delivery or award of qualifications in accordance with its conditions of recognition,
    2. the standards of qualifications which the awarding organisation makes available or proposes to make available, or
    3. public confidence in qualifications.

Ofqual General Conditions of recognition May 2011

Where any incident occurs which could have an adverse effect, CIOL Qualifications will always give priority to the provision of assessments which accurately differentiate between learners on the basis of the Level of attainment they have demonstrated and to the accurate and timely award of qualifications.

Children and companions

Under no circumstances are babies or children admitted to examination centres.

Examination centres do not provide waiting areas for companions of candidates.