Candidate Regulations – Dictionaries, Recording, Material, Scripts

Candidate Regulations

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During the exam


Candidates must check in the individual examination handbooks to verify in which units of each examination they are allowed to use reference materials. Candidates are not allowed to share dictionaries or other reference material during examinations. Electronic dictionaries are not allowed.

Recording of oral examinations

Oral examinations are recorded for moderation purposes. Candidates may not make their own recording of the oral examination.

Examination material

In the interests of security candidates must not remove any examination material, including rough work, scripts and question papers, from the Examination Centre and are required to hand in all such material at the end of the examination. Examination material includes hard copies and/or electronic copies of scripts when IT facilities are used. Failure to hand in examination materials may be viewed as an attempt to cheat and will result in an automatic fail.


Originals or copies of examination scripts and audio recordings remain at all times the property of CIOL Qualifications and are not returned to candidates in any circumstances, nor are they made available to any third party. Scripts and audio recordings may, however, be made available to the regulatory authorities on request. It is the candidates’ responsibility to ensure that they have correctly provided all the required information on the script paper/script cover. Candidates are advised that scripts and audio recordings may be used for assessor training purposes.