Bespoke examination services

As a specialist in language qualifications, CIOL Qualifications is frequently approached with requests to deliver bespoke examination services for a particular market sector, industry or group of people. This demand is sometimes met by adapting and delivering an existing regulated qualification, such as the CBS Police. In other cases a completely new examination is devised tailored to a very specific need. Here are some examples:

Continuation Courses

In schools that encourage learners to take a language GCSE a year early, a gap opens up before learners commence their A-level learning. CIOL Qualifications has created a 'continuation course' within which schools can create and deliver a bespoke curriculum focusing on the interests and needs of their cohort of learners. We provide a model structure which schools can use as a guide to develop their course. The school delivers and marks the course working with a moderator assigned to them by CIOL Qualifications. We then confirm the results and certificate the course. The courses reflect a Content and Language Integrated Learning approach (CLIL) in that the exploration of aspects of the culture of a country is done mostly in the foreign language. This creative approach to curriculum building has proved popular with learners and teachers alike and prepares and motivates learners for further study.

Validation and moderation

We can provide expertise in assessment to organisations seeking to set up new language programmes and courses, providing guidance on examination format and content to ensure reliability, validity and consistency for learners. Our moderation services are quality checks of examination processes and provide external validity of qualifications.

Joint certification

We work with several UK and overseas universities and colleges to jointly certificate student achievement. This provides external professional recognition of their language skills in addition to their academic qualifications.

CBS Police

When the Metropolitan Police Service approached CIOL Qualifications enquiring about a portable, regulated language qualification for officers and staff it was quickly clear that not only did we deliver examinations in the many world languages required by them but that the oral units of the existing Certificate in Bilingual Skills were at the right level and could be adapted to deliver scenarios from policing contexts.