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Wherever you are in your career as a language professional – an undergraduate studying a language at university or a more experienced linguist – we have a grade of membership to suit you. Through membership CIOL provides you with a pathway to support your career ambitions, your professional development and is your route to chartership. Join us and over 7000 other members today. Scroll down to find the right membership for you:

Our membership grades:

Student Affiliate

For all language undergraduate and postgraduate students
studying worldwide.

Cost: FREE for the duration of your studies

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​"CIOL has given me access to amazing opportunities."
Anam Zafar
Student Affiliate 


IoLET Affiliate

For linguists who are preparing for one of the following
CIOL Qualifications professional exams:

Cost: £25 per year

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"IoLET membership provides support to those who are looking to take CIOL exams."
Grace Statton
Membership Manager at CIOL

Career Affiliate

Anyone considering a careerusing their foreignlanguage skills,
even if this is not the main focus of your work.

Cost: £87* per year plus one off £25 fee**

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"My membership helps me be recognised as a professional in my field right from the beginning of my career."
David Stockings
Career Affiliate

Associate (ACIL)

For language practitioners with a minimum of one year’s work experience using their foreign language skills in a professional

Cost: £127* per year plus one off £25 fee**

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"CIOL opened a door that
enables me to actively go
beyond languages and promote their importance in the world"

Alistair Bell ACIL

Member (MCIL)

For language practitioners whose foreign language skills are a
primary requirement for their role.

Applicants with a minimum of five years' current professional
practice can also apply for chartership.

Cost: £137* per year plus one off £25 fee**

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"It gives me professional support and a network of peers"
Michael Wells MCIL Chartered Linguist


Fellow (FCIL)

The highest level of professional membership. Applicants for
Fellowship will normally be linguists of advanced professional
standing with a proven track record and high level of linguistic
competence in more than one language.

Fellows in current professional practice are eligible to apply
for chartership.

Cost: £165* per year plus one off £25 fee**

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"CIOL membership enhances my academic career and increases my professional network"
Saihong Li FCIL Chartered Linguist

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Membership grade      Assessment fee*     

Membership fee** 

Membership fee**
Membership fee**
Membership fee**
Student Affiliate N/A Free Free Free Free
IoLET Affiliate N/A £25.00*** £25.00*** £25.00*** £25.00***
Career Affiliate £25.00 £87.00 £65.25 £43.50 £21.75
Associate (ACIL) £25.00 £127.00 £95.25 £63.50 £31.75
Member (MCIL) £25.00 £139.00 £104.25 £69.50 £34.75
Fellow (FCIL) £25.00 £165.00 £123.75 £82.50 £41.25

* Non-refundable, payable at point of application
** Payable once membership has been confirmed / at point of renewal
*** Payable at point of application. Rolling membership, valid for 12 months at point of application.